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Millennia TD-1 | Millennia Music & Media Systems


Twin Topology Half Rack Channel Strip

truth in engineering


Multiple Paths, One Goal: Total Sonic Realism

  • Four distinct inputs can be optimized for any source
  • Instruments – Twin Topology® DI channel; dual-triode 12AT7 vacuum tube or discrete FET solid state
  • Microphones – discrete solid state HV-3 microphone preamplifier
  • DAW or tape outputs – Discrete solid state line level amplifier
  • Guitar power amp inputs – Speaker Soak™ technology
  • Powerful yet musical tonal shading
  • Two bands of mastering-grade NSEQ-2 parametric EQ; 20 Hz to 20 kHz center frequency, 0.4 to 4.0 Q
  • Optimized DI input for any instrument with variable 470 k / 2 M / 10 M impedance
  • Nine outputs for unlimited functionality
  • Patented Re-Amp outputs with custom-designed magnetics emulate Les Paul® and Strat® pickups
  • Audiophile headphone output
  • Balanced and unbalanced monolithic outputs
  • Balanced and unbalanced discrete FET outputs
  • Microphone level output with large-geometry DIT-01 transformer: -3 dB 3 Hz – 300 kHz
  • Effortlessly musical performance at all dynamic levels
  • Input headroom >100 V, output headroom > 30 V
  • 100% effective hum removal with numerous ground lifts & isolations
  • Built for critical professional applications
  • Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis
  • Gold connectors, OFC audio wiring, silver Teflon power wiring



Preamplifiers and General:  
Instrument / DI Input Amplifier
Twin Topology®
TUBE: Selected twin triode vacuum tube amplifier (200 V)
SOLID STATE: Selected all discrete J-FET amplifier (50 V)
THD + Noise (20 Hz - 30 kHz (35 dB Gain)) 0.0005% typical mic / line, 0.03% typical vacuum tube
Intermodulation Distortion 0.0009% typical mic / line, 0.03% typical vacuum tube
Frequency Response @ -3 dB points 3 Hz to 300 kHz, typical. Varies with routing & topology
Maximum Balanced Line Input Level +23 dBu (+43 dBu with Pad engaged or >110 Volts rms)
Maximum DI Input Level (Both Tube & SS) +18 dBu (+26 dBu with Pad engaged or >15 Volts rms)
Maximum Output Level +32 dBu active balanced outputs, +26 dBu unbal outputs
Maximum System Gain 65 dB
Input Impedance (DI) Switchable: 470 kilohms / 2 megohms / 10 megohms
Noise (Mic) (60 dBu gain) -128 dB EIN, 150 ohm source, -130 dB EIN common
Noise (Line) (10 dBu gain) -105 dBu
Noise (DI) (10 dBu gain) -90 dBu (solid state)
Phase Error (EQ out) Less than +/- 5 degrees 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Parametric Equalizer  
Maximum Boost and Cut +/– 15 dB (21 step detentet pot)
“Q” Range Q+ 0.4 to 4.0 sweepable
Low Freq sweep Switch In: Pure Class-A Discrete J-FETs
Hi Freq sweep Switch Out: Pure Class-A Triode Tubes
Power Consumption 35 watts maximum
Power Requirements Selectable: 100-120, 200-240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions/Shipping Weight 8.5” W x 3.5” H x 13.0” D, 20 lbs.

Reviews & Awards

If you’re looking for an incredibly flexible input device that can also provide useful functions during mixdown, the TD-1 may be your Holy Grail.
Mitch Gallagher, EQ

The TD-1 is not only a remarkable piece of engineering, but also a very good sounding box. It's an analogue cure for most recording headaches in a single, portable unit.
Marco Migliari, Future Music

I love the TD-1 and have been using it a lot. On the new Knopfler album we are ignoring the bass players’ rack and using the TD-1. I’ve used the TD-1 mic pre and found it to be outstanding, and I’ve used it to Re- Amp the bass DI on an album I mixed for a new group called Sugarland.
Chuck Ainlay

Didn’t think I’d be using TD-1 as much as I do. Using it on the way in on bass and then inserted as EQ on mix down. Used the mic pre for acoustic guitar for the first time today – very nice indeed. Thanks for the superb results.
Kelly, producer, engineer, bass player

The TD-1 is amazing: what a Swiss army knife.
Phil Shenale

I love the TD-1. The studio has Neve and API modules but I can’t seem to get the engineer to use anything but the Millennia TD-1. The only thing that could make him happier is a pair.
Doug Cronin, Harborsound

The Millennia TD-1 really is as good as the rave reviews have indicated. When it comes to that hard-to describe concept we call “air,” nothing can touch the TD-1 - it sounds as if the world’s best EQ was used to boost just the right frequencies to really open up both the source and the room sound. The BIG surprise was that the TD-1 was definitely improving the sound: when I walked into the live room, I was surprised at how much “air” the TD-1 was adding.
Steve Pogact, Lexington Location Recordings, (GearSlutz Forum, 19 June 2004)

I’ve gone on record here: I think this little TD-1 is amazing. I use it all the time on bass and clean guitar. I’ve used it as a mic pre too. I’m a Millennia fan. With the TD-1, I now have 13 glorious channels of HV-3. The EQ is great. It’s essentially the same as can be found in their larger NSEQ-2 or on their Origin, but this has only 2 bands. It’s kind of the Origin ‘mini me’ with a lot more pluses, minus the compressor. ReAmp for instance, and nine output configurations.
Henry Robinett (GearSlutz Forum, 16 June 2004)

BTW, John Vanderslice was talking up the TD-1 again a few weeks back. He said it makes his Neve 1084 “sound like a toy”. Last time I talked to Myles Boisen, his comment on the TD-1 was “That thing sounds so damn good it’s almost beyond belief.” I concur.
Ian Swanke, Producer/Engineer

"The TD-1 is one of the most outrageous (in a good way) devices I've run across: a recording front-end that offers several different signal paths, an audio router featuring REAMP technology, a world-class equalizer, a SPEAKER SOAK power amp input, ultra-high quality headphone amp, [HV-3 mic preamp], and Class-A discrete DC-coupled output section... For its relatively small size, it is packed with connections, controls, and features... This gives you an extraordinary number of ways to route audio into this machine... My first impression was 'solid' -- the sound was full and crystal clear... Plugging in an electric bass was equally satisfying. [The HV-3 mic preamp] was clear and ultra-focused, with a depth that was amazing... When you start adding up all the applications handled with the TD-1, the price begins looking reasonable. If you have the opportunity to hear it, the decision morphs into a no-brainer -- in every application, the unit produces world-class results." 
Darwin Grosse, Recording Magazine, Aug 2004, pg. 78-80

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