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8 Channel A to D Converter for HV-3D and HV-R

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8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter Option


  • Eight channels of A/D Conversion
  • 24-bit 96 kHz eight-channel AES format converter
  • Internal/External Clocking with AES or Wordclock in/out on BNC connecters
  • DB25 Connector that conforms to the Tascam wiring standard  
  • -18dBFS reference level
  • All HV-3D/HV-3R units can have the option installed

$1,349.99 US Street Price


Dynamic Range > 110dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise < .0005%,
Frequency Response 44.1 kHz
48 kHz
88.2 kHz
96 kHz
-0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 21.5kHz
-0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 23.4kHz
-0.5 dB @ 5hZ and 42.0kHz
-0.5 dB @ 5Hz and 46.8kHz
Full Scale Output Level   +24 dBu
Common Mode Rejection Ratio  -84 dBu @ 1kHz with 0 dBu input
IMD SMPTE 4:1 60 Hz, 7kHz  <.003%
Maximum Non-harmonic Spurious Tones Better than -140 dB
Intrinsic Jitter (20Hz-20kHz @ 48kHz) 50 pS RMS typical
12/Fs for single speed 
9/Fs for double speed

0.25ms at 48kHz
0.09ms at 96kHz
External Clock Lock Range 32-96 kHz

Reviews & Awards

Craig Anderton, Electronic Musician
"Frankly, the whole experience was pretty boring: The AD-596 was easy to hook up, worked without having to do anything other than make connections, sounded wonderful, and yes, it fits in a standard 500-series frame. The only real excitement comes from watching the peak indicator LEDs for the eight channels to see if they indicate clipping, and the fact that you can set the LEDs for peak hold as well as clear them—good for on-location recordings if you want to know whether there was an over when you weren’t looking. Another cool feature is what Millennia calls True-Lock-Clock, which basically means if the external clock goes away, the AD-596 switches over to its internal clock."
"I’m pretty sure this is the only digital 500-series device, but it demonstrates the depth of the spec. Think about it: when used in conjunction with a frame like the Workhorse, you could have seven mic pres, send their outs through a DB-25 cable into the AD-596, then patch the AD-596 output into your recording device of choice . . compact, portable, and comparatively speaking, inexpensive."

Jack Vad, award winning producer/engineer for the San Francisco Symphony recently upgraded his recording/broadcast chain at Davies Symphony Hall.

"I have been using the Millennia AD-D96 analog to digital converter in our HV-3D and really love the sound.  

When it came time to expand our in-house recording facility, I was looking for high quality A to Ds in a compact, modular package.  When I heard about the 500 series AD-596 project, it was clear that we finally had a solution. 

The AD-596 not only duplicates the excellent performance of the AD-D96, it also allows us to simultaneously have an easily reconfigurable, mobile system with far greater flexibility than one box, rack secured options.

Additionally, the per channel cost of this new high quality conversion is unmatched!!!”

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