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Thanks for checking out our accessories. To order, you can click on the "order by email" link by each product or just send us an email at and let us know what you want. We'll need the following:

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Telefunken 12AX7 / ECC83 Smooth Plate (used/tested) $80
Telefunken 12AX7 / ECC83 Smooth Plate (NOS) $200
Mullard 12AU7 / CV4023 (NOS) $175
Mullard 12AT7 / CV4024 (NOS) $40
Tesla 12AU7 / ECC82 (NOS) $40
JJ ECC83S (stock) $25
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VELCRO TIES ($20) 10-pack
*FREE Shipping in the U.S. and Canada
Perfect for cables with large connectors or plugs. Center section is overlapped, but only sealed on one side. Lift up the unsealed side, lay the cord in the opening and press down around the cord. Then wrap it around the coiled cable.
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*FREE Shipping in the U.S. and Canada
Cordura rip-stop Nylon material. Pockets for guitar and mic cables, AC power cord, adapters, picks, stage microphones, and other technical and musical accessories. Logo is embroidered into the bag material.
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